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This article mainly introduces 5 wireless networks are not connected to the situation, some can be fixed by changing the notebook settings, or because of the limitations of local wireless network caused by Non-human reasons.

At present, the wireless network coverage can be said to be more popular. However, in different places or sometimes the wireless network is not connected to the situation, for the computer network settings unfamiliar friends, to find the reason is not easy, sometimes feel that these problems are baffling.

A wireless broadband connection was found on the computer screen, but the wireless network was not connected. This kind of thing is not uncommon.

What's the problem? Analysis by:

Question 1

Forgot to open the browser. Some wireless broadband connections that need to be paid to use must first open your browser, such as InternetExplorer, Safari or Firefox, and some free Wi-Fi will require you to open the browser first. When you open the browser, you will see the Web page for the wireless broadband connection. Here you will enter your credit card number or login to your existing account.

Question 2

Not connected to the Web page. To connect to a wireless network, you must connect to a specific Web page. However, some people will set the browser to open a blank page at the beginning, rather than starting a page, it will cause the notebook wireless network is not connected. If your browser starts with a blank page, try connecting to a Web page--Any web page--to get the computer connected to the Internet. The pages of the wireless network will appear, not the pages you requested.

Question 3

Wireless networks in the department are not used by the public, and wireless networks are not connected. Sometimes your laptop can "see" and connect to a wireless base station, but you can't see the login page or send the message. This situation represents your access to an internal use rather than the public use of the network.

Question 4

Need access to password. These days, no matter how many wireless networks are free or commercially available, you don't have to use passwords to surf the internet. (You'll find a window to enter your password on the screen) Sometimes you can know the password by asking. Sometimes you have to spend money, for example, in a hotel to pay the desk to get the password. Sometimes some places use passwords to block passers-by like you from using their internal networks. Naturally, many web designers even hide the signal, so your computer can't even find the base station.

Question 5

The base station is broken. If your laptop sees a wireless network, it doesn't even have a wireless network. It is also possible that the base station itself was set up incorrectly. General restart of the device to resolve the problem.

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