Why would a wireless network be unstable?

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1, distance problem: The limitations of wireless internet is the distance problem, due to the limited scope of wireless network, so once the wireless signal coverage of the range of wireless signal will weaken, resulting in link instability, and even broken network.

Solution: Go to the signal within the specified range of the Internet can be.

  2, signal strength problem: different router signal strength is not the same, if you use the intensity of the wireless signal is not high enough, it is likely that the connection instability.

Solution: Replacing wireless networks with high wireless signal strength to connect can solve the problem.

  3, network problem: If you use the wireless signal network itself has problems, the same will lead to wireless network instability occurs.

Workaround: Replace other normal wireless network connections to resolve the problem.

  4, interference problem: wireless signals are vulnerable to interference, a variety of interference sources can lead to the weakening of wireless signals, resulting in wireless network instability.

Solution: Find the source of interference, so that it is away from the wireless network signal source.

  5, wireless router problem: wireless network links need to support the wireless router, if there is no line from its own problems, it is likely to cause network instability.

Solution: Replace the wireless router, or send repair wireless router can be resolved.

  6, Network card driver problem: The use of wireless network card network needs to install wireless network card driver, if the driver is not the correct version or the driver itself has problems will also cause instability.

Solution: Update the network card driver or replace the correct version of the network card driver.

  7, computer problems: computer problems can cause network instability, each have their own, small series is not encountered this situation, but do not guarantee that other people did not encounter, so in this example to lift out.

Solution: If the virus caused by anti-virus or reload system can solve the problem.

  8, the broadband supplier problem: This is the most easy to think is also the most easily overlooked a reason, the most easy to think is because the network is not stable nature to find providers, the most easy to ignore is because many people will find their own reasons, it can not find a solution to call the advisory.

Solution: If it's a supplier problem, just wait for the maintenance to end.

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