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Well, let's start by saying something in advance:
1, a U disk, the minimum 1G space. A format operation is required to save the internal files in advance.
2, Cdlinux Mirror. At the end of this post, we will provide a revised version of August, a total of 135M.

1, cdlinux u disk start

In this step to waste a lot of effort, because Cdlinux does not support the internal network card in the virtual machine to crack, if you have an external network card on the machine, then provide a way to explain how to operate!
After testing a variety of grub and other methods, feel the following method is more suitable for everyone, and the production tool is particularly small, green free installation! The feature is to use it to install the cdlinux on a USB stick. Run the UNetbootin program. By setting:

Release version on the selection of backtrack, this version is suitable for our Cdlinux operating environment, then select the download good cdlinux image, finally select our USB drive letter, remember not to choose the wrong ha!
Click OK, the program began to make, these are automatic, we have to do is only waiting to become!

After the production completes, will prompt restarts, here we point exits. Does not restart at this stage.

2. Chinese language setting

This is made after the start of the time I have a headache, because the source image is multi-lingual, after the work done above automatically entered the English, skipped the selection, so we need to set. The Setup method is simple.
Open the USB flash drive you just made, find the syslinux.cfg file, open it with Notepad, and replace the original code with the red box. The attachment will provide the file to download , when everybody directly overwrites can!

Friends without external network card please skip this step directly
Below the next, there is an external wireless network card friends How to do not do the situation of USB flash drive to install the image:

First we need a virtual machine, here take VirtualBox as an example (point I download), less than 100m, multi-language, free open source without cracking, accessories will provide the urgent!

After installation (although the installation interface is in English), click on the "new" button in the upper left corner, then select "Type" to choose Linux, the name is arbitrary, others do not move.

Click Next, Default 512 is enough, continue to the next step.

For the first time, create the virtual hard disk by default.

The default VDI type.

On a physical hard disk, it is recommended to select fixed size.

The next step is to choose the location of the VDI file we created, the default location of the virtual machine installation, which needs to be set, click the folder icon to change.

Click Create and the virtual disk will start to create.

Wait a few minutes for the cdlinux we created, and click on the settings in the top left corner.

Select "Storage" on the left, the controller that selects the image file provided by this sticker.

Then OK, back to the main interface can be started.

3. Route Password scan

Keep friends with no external network card waiting.
We will make a good USB stick into the computer, modify the BIOS for the USB drive boot:

Double-click the file named "MINIDWEP-GTK" program:

A prompt window will pop up each time you run:

The above instructions, we all understand! Do not use for illegal users.
The following is a detailed description of the tool's main interface:

1) wireless card wlan0. This shows your wireless card information.
2) channel, encryption mode. Channel is selected by default all, encryption method of WEP, WPA/WPA2 two kinds. Choose the default option in the following way.
3) Displays the MAC address, name, intensity, channel, encryption, etc. of the route.
4) This vertical bar is a function button, click to implement the relevant functions.
5) The relevant status progress is shown when scanning here.

After you see the interface, just click the Scan button in 4 and you'll see the middle progress bar go away.
Wait a moment, you can see the route of the Mac, name, intensity, channel, encryption and so on.
Here is an example of encryption for WPA/WPA2, followed by WEP (because it is easier to break).

Click on the name of the route we need to crack, point to the right of the start, decentralized will be a "handshake" operation, and continue to connect with the route, the process is automatic, depending on the route and signal correlation intensity absolute time length.

When the "handshake" succeeds, you will be prompted to see, it shows that we are further away from success.

Wait a moment, and you will be prompted to get the handshake package. Ask if we choose a dictionary to search for the password, click "Yes" and then click "OK".

Select "Wordlist.txt" in the pop-up window This is included with this image, check the bottom right corner of the click "OK".

After that is the password cracking process, this look at luck and dictionary strength. Once someone to share the 3G size of the password package, according to this speed, a meal almost can produce results, if not the special BT password!

This luck is quite good, when the software automatically scan to password, will automatically pop up, this really praise! It's too human!
A pop-up window displays detailed routing name (SSID), password information.

Record the cracked password and then the software will prompt whether to record the handshake packet to the hard disk partition.

After selecting save path, you can save it.

  Such a routed password is even cracked. Seemingly simple text detailed tutorial, also waste the cloud good big strength, cdlinux u disk start with a lot of methods, format several times the U disk to select this kind of curve saving and unusual convenient method, I hope you can also successfully cracked the route password you want to crack! WiFi password cracking detailed graphic tutorial also came here, I hope to see understand it! Follow what new things will also be updated in this post, nothing more to see ha, perhaps there are any surprises!

  defense This type of cracking method has two types: with special symbols and MAC address bindings ! However, it seems that the settings around this is relatively small, so everyone success rate is still very high! Good luck:).
  about the method of posting a friend reply slightly complex, in fact, most of the skip the virtual machine that step, do a USB stick to do is also very good.

September 5 update windows Hack method:
  Thank you village chief to submit Zol home Focus Map recommendation, Many users reply to this method is shallow, not deep enough, there is the speed may be more than the GPU cracked, slightly slower. So add a tool that can be used by the GPU hack in Windows: elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor ( ewsa attachment with special Edition download You know that).
  EWSA Other introduction and dictionary download : http://softbbs.zol.com.cn/1/32_8011.html

  Here is a modified , close the ad-free pop-up version (the version you know). Because belong to the Hacker class tool, kill soft alarm What, is common, please decide whether to use it yourself! The
  software joins the Chinese language pack, which makes the selection, OPTIONS--LANGUAGE--ZH-CN .

The others are Chinese, it is estimated that everyone uses, but it needs us to save to the handshake package, import can! (Cdlinux, the way to save the handshake package is to upload to the network disk, the image of the Firefox browser, the landing disk upload, with the Windows computer download back with this software to run on it)
Because the GPU's powerful computing power is really CPU-like, so impatient to choose Windows run it (Cdlinux do not stop ha, so faster).

September 7 update A more powerful dictionary package :

Download the relevant software in this article:

cdlinux image Download: Address 1 Alternate 2

USB flash drive and hard disk boot installation tool (UNetbootin tool): Network disk download
Local backup: attachment 603032

syslinux.cfg File Download: attachment 603033 Disk Backup: Address 1

elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor(EWSA Chinese Modified Special Edition): address 1

September 7 Updated Password pack download: Network address 1 Alternate 2

WiFi password hack cdlinux

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