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Nowadays, wireless router is a necessary artifact of network connection in every household. With wireless routers, mobile phones, computers, tablets and other intelligent devices can easily access the Internet. However, even if it is so convenient, there will inevitably be some problems. Not only the signal is not stable, often not open the situation of the Web page, and even frequent drop lines are commonplace.

So, the network signal is poor, WiFi frequent drop line, excluding network fault, what other details are we do not notice? After reading the small series of several ways to solve the frequent drop of WiFi, perhaps you will find the answer. (Picture via@ Hacker Division)

  Condition One: Signal disturbances

  reason: the router may have a strong source of signal interference, such as: microwave ovens, cordless phones, magnets, high-voltage lines and so on. Wireless signals and strong magnetic fields emitted by these devices can seriously affect the normal launch and reception of WiFi signals from routers.

  Countermeasures: Turn off these devices or install the routers to places with relatively less interference.

  Condition Two: Router firmware problem

  cause: The router firmware version is too low, or the firmware and hardware mismatch, may also cause the router is not working properly, resulting in the problem of the WiFi signal instability.

  Countermeasures: go to the router website to find the corresponding model of the latest firmware, and follow the instructions to upgrade the router firmware.

Three: Mobile WiFi function Bug

  Reason: There may be bugs in the design of individual mobile phone WiFi, for example, when the power-saving mode is switched on, WiFi is automatically turned off when idle. Or there is a compatibility problem with the phone and the router, causing other WiFi devices to drop.

  Countermeasures: Upgrade the mobile phone system to the latest version, turn off power-saving mode or other options that may result in WiFi shutdown, and feed back to the handset manufacturer.

  Condition four: Weak wireless signal

  reason: the router WiFi transmitter power is too small, or the device is too far away from the router, shielding in the middle block. The WiFi signal is too weak and will fall off the line at irregular intervals.

  Countermeasures : Set the high transmission power of the router to enhance the transmitting signal. In addition, the mobile phone and the router's line distance should not be too far, in the middle not too thick cement wall and shielding material.

  Status five: Multiple WiFi signals are concentrated in one channel

  Cause: Most wireless routers are set to 6 at the factory, and if there are multiple wireless routers nearby, the same channel may have an impact on each other.

  Countermeasures: change the wireless router channel to avoid multiple routers located in the same channel.

  Status Six: Virus causes

  reason: the router itself is less likely to be poisoned, mobile phones or wireless devices are susceptible to poisoning, some viruses in the background to occupy most of the bandwidth or directly caused by the drop line.

  Countermeasures: Install anti-virus software on the wireless device anti-virus, if necessary, to the router or wireless devices to restore factory settings.

  Condition VII: Hardware failure

  reason: the router WiFi transmitter module or mobile phone WiFi receiver module hardware itself failure, virtual welding and other reasons, resulting in the WiFi hardware is not working properly, there is a drop in the situation.

  Countermeasures: as far as possible contact manufacturers after the inspection and maintenance, if the warranty period, with professional knowledge and hands-on ability of children's shoes can be repaired by themselves.

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