Will Chrome Web apps be closed soon?

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Google announced at the I/O conference in May this year that Chrome Web store will be launched this year to allow developers to sell web apps. On the Chrome Web Store homepage, Google claims that Chrome Web apps use standard network tools and languages to develop "common" network applications that can be used by "mainstream" browsers, however, a restriction was followed: "If they support these technologies ". According to the earlier web apps development documents published, none of the other browsers are supported, because Web apps Use Chrome's unique packaging method, that is, Chrome's extended packaging method. Perhaps for this reason, Mozilla (Firefox's Development Team) immediately responded to the "A open web app store" (open web app store.

I compared the Web apps development documentation with the chrome extended Development Guide and found that there were a few less important parts, such as packaging and autoupdating) and hosting (provide installation ). The first reaction is that it is only a preliminary document and will be added in the future. However, today, I and a few chrome fans accidentally found an error message in the latest chrome version of Dev.Chrome Web apps will be closed and can only be released through Chrome Web store.

Reproduction method:

  • Check "about Google Chrome" and confirm that the version is 6.0.447.0 Dev (Dev version)
  • Click the extension shown below in Google Code


  • Normally, the installation prompt box appears, but the installation fails. The reason is strange: "This package can only be installed fromChrome Web store"

Have you done anything ~ Error! Chrome Web store has not been launched yet. It is installed with extensions, not web apps. From this speculation, the chrome Development Team has begun preparing for the launch of the Web store. Unfortunately, some people forget that both web apps and extensions use. CRX to display this error message unexpectedly.

If you see this strange error message, go to this bug page and set an asterisk to indicate that you have this problem.


Note: The example is the "Thunderbolt express dedicated link cracking" developed by im007boy. you can install it on the page of its extension center.

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