Will there be any change in e-commerce within 1-2 years?

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Sickle (4) in 1-2 years, will there be any change in E-commerce?

These two days busy website, no intention to write anything, but in the Web site thinking, think is e-commerce things, I first said a conclusion: can defeat Ma Yun and net Sheng is not his current peers, but the new user needs and the resulting technological innovation. Just like Google beat Bill, new user needs and technological innovation determine who wins, not capital and strength, with the rapid development of the Internet, I believe there will be new E-commerce real access to the Internet, beyond the current Ali and network Sheng.

1, the user decides an electronic commerce company's survival, the user main body's change, will bring the different idea inevitably.

Ali and the net Sheng still use 1.0 E-commerce mode, to operate, and from 01 to now, in fact, the user subject has changed, the opportunity lies in, Ma Yun and Sun did not realize that this subject changes, what will change. In a word, once the first group of QQ users have now entered the business of the middle or high level, this has many years of experience in the network of the main body, for the network by his own understanding and precipitation, I can only say for Ali such a model, there is no way to say they are not recognized, as I see, is actually not very recognized, Just the current popular e-commerce is this virtue, it seems that there is no one to make innovative things to.

2, the old marketing model will be replaced by innovative models.

Old Online shop system, has been in the lineage, fancy pages, no integrity of ordinary pages, a lot of spam, let us feel very uncomfortable, when you like to wear a suit, you only found that wearing a shirt is more casual, casual and personality is the characteristics of the new generation, they do not like these virtual and not things, So today's young people are actually not much interested in Ali, much less attention than car sites and beauty sites, although he knew that Ali could bring him business, Ali's viscosity is not enough, that the old model will inevitably be abandoned, who is creating new models, who will be able to get the fastest growth.

3, the regular electronic commerce is the inevitable development.

The new subject no longer cares about any mail, there is no message, there is no one to visit, he is more direct, he hopes not to be harassed, just like the mail filter now, they do not want anything to come over, he just want to have their own needs, this requires a rule, like the mail provider filter spam, They want to be able to get this regular message, and hope that the rules will be able to meet their own needs, rather than flood, he does not want his time to be disturbed, including Tradelink, he wants to have a rule, this rule is to talk about when they want to talk again, So regular e-commerce will be their welcome, and eventually they want e-commerce transactions like work, early nine to five, become a daily part, rather than random, disorderly, garbage. This is also the new demand, there are new needs and new opportunities.

4, E-commerce will also be the ancient innovation.

When Ali-> the Internet store from the Yellow pages, that is 01-03 years of demand solutions, now the order of the past, is a new opportunity, that is, the more simple yellow pages will replace the shop system, the new subject wants efficient expression, do not need to be decorated with the hypocrisy of things, like drinking now, 01, Everyone drink, to see who drink more, now is enough, often say, today a little uncomfortable, do not drink. This is the self as the main body, and no longer be the main body, then obviously the simpler the more straightforward things, they will prefer, because save time, more efficient, so do a good yellow pages is also innovation, this return is also a trend.

In fact Wheat Field said E-commerce 2.0, I do not want to discuss 2.0, I said above should be 1.5 bar, I think in 1-2 years, E-commerce will be in this direction, so as long as your innovation early enough, and have these conditions, you can quickly grow, you have to believe that Google defeated Microsoft, or the first, defeated Ali is not now the same Line, but new user needs and technological innovation.

I think, 3-5 years later, Ali and ebay, the current pattern will disappear, even these companies will disappear, a greater company will be Sina, Baidu, Google and so on, all, this will be discussed in a later blog.

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