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Does it feel a bit boring, you will say you understand ALT+F4?

Yes, you may find it boring, but other users are really concerned about how Win8 shuts down.

Since the release of Win8 Preview version of Microsoft, to Win8 officially listed, even today, "can not find the Win8 shutdown" will be used as a slot for Microsoft. Now, Microsoft has added a new shutdown entry in Windows 8.1: The evolutionary version of the "Win + X" Shortcut has a "shutdown" entry.

▲windows 8.1 Evolution version of the latest internal edition "Win + X" shortcut keys

Next, we review the Windows 8.1 (or Win8 bar) in the shutdown mode, the pattern is really much, everyone at will.

First of all, the recommendation of soft Media Win8 optimization Master of the "Start screen magnetic paste" management, you Can "shutdown" "Restart" "Sleep" and so locked to the start screen, a key shutdown is very convenient.

Finally, review the next March 2012, the small series has been for the Win8 consumer Preview version of the summary of the shutdown method, the following way in Win8 and Win8.1 natural is effective. The 15-month Win8 is like this:

Win8 shutdown method One: "Win + i" shortcut keys or by using the mouse to slide to the bottom right/upper right corner of the desktop, pull up the Charm menu toolbar. Click on "Power" to see sleep, shutdown, restart options. Use the Metro interface and the traditional desktop.

Win8 Shutdown Method Two: shortcut key "Alt + F4", bring up the Windows window closed, for the traditional desktop. In the Metro interface, "Alt + F4" is embodied in the "Turn off Metro Apps" feature.

Win8 Shutdown method Three, shortcut key "Ctrl + Alt + Del", shutdown options in the lower right corner of the desktop.

Win8 Shutdown method Four: Win +r run "shutdown.exe-s-t 00" command.

Win8 Shutdown method Five: This method with method four, with the "shutdown.exe-s-t-00" command, the desktop to create a shutdown shortcut button.

Description: The above method is actually not very reasonable, more recommended "shutdown.exe-s-t-0-hybrid" command, it is the Win8 in the mixed shutdown.

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