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Because of the new activation technology added to SP2, if you use a genuine burn disk to install Windows XP, you may have problems installing SP2 that cannot be installed or cannot be activated when you install it. How to predict in advance how can your system successfully install SP2?

Method One: Open the Resource manager and run the help → is this windows legal? menu, or direct access to, click Validate Now on the open page, After a few moments the page will ask you to install an ActiveX plugin called "ProductIDGatherer", and you will see the test results when you click "Yes" to install it. If your system can be upgraded SP2, the result is "congratulations ..." and if not, the result is "It appears that your Windows Productkeyis not valid (invalid Windows key)" (Figure 1).

Hint: for Windows XP sp1/server 2003 System, this method can also be used to verify the legality of its registered serial number.

Method Two: Call the Microsoft China free telephone number is: 8008301832, directly tell miss wiring your Windows XP key, the other side will tell you whether the key is legal.

Second, make the hard disk space for the SP2 installation

SP2 installation is divided into network installation and download to the hard disk installation two kinds, for software installation needs, your hard disk remaining space is best not less than 1.6GB, if the space requirements are really tense, then we recommend that you run "Sfc/purgecache"; SP1 uninstall; The "-n" parameter, which allows Windows XP SP2 to reduce hard-disk footprint by not backing up or creating an uninstall folder at install time. There are a lot of tips on how to lose weight to Windows XP, and we will not go into the details here, we can refer to the previous articles.

Iii. Pre-installation preparatory work

1. Because installation SP2 can produce many unpredictable problems, please be sure to back up the important information (including personal documents, pictures and other data, Favorites, Cookies, registry, etc.), use the Chkdsk.exe command to scan the disk, using the Dfrg.msc command to open " Disk Defragmenter "Clean up the disk fragments, detect the system is poisoned, check the system contains Trojans," Parasite "software, check the system time settings are correct, installed before the installation of all patches issued by Windows Update.

2. If the Fast User Switching mode is turned on, please log off the other user and log on using the administrator user, close all running programs (especially firewalls and antivirus software) during the installation process; For insurance purposes, it is recommended that you turn on Windows XP System Restore functionality.

Figure 1 Web Tips

Installation: A number of issues to be addressed

One or four ways to install SP2

For Chinese Windows XP users, we can update the installation SP2 through the Windows Automatic Update Service, Windows Update, download the SP2 network installation package, and SP2 installation CD in four ways. Note that using Windows Automatic Update service means that we need to turn on Windows XP Automatic Update, SP2 Chinese version of the network installation package download address: F648c363-6975-470c-8202-ac5aea706109/windows Xp-kb835935-sp2-chs.exe (285MB), SP2 English version of the network installation package download address: http:// WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe (266MB). To obtain the SP2 installation CD you need a free reservation, reference address:

Tip: If you install the SP2 version with the previous version number 2135, 2149, you can upgrade the installation directly from there, but you need to run the Regedit command to open the registry and navigate to the hkey_local_machine\ SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Nt\currentversion, remove the csdversion, currentbuildnumber two key values under it. In addition, SP2 installation does not require the installation of SP1, which can be upgraded directly from the original Windows XP pro/home.

Two, resolve the ATAPI during the installation process. SYS problem

If you install the Daemontools and other virtual CD-ROM software, you may encounter a prompt error in the upgrade SP2 "ERROR:atapi.sys is open or under use another application", we can uninstall the software before installing the SP2 , you can also remove the Atapi.sys from the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers directory and then install the SP2, and the system will rebuild the file after installation. If there is a file error during the installation, you will need to copy the files from the Windows XP installation CD.

Third, if the installation fails

SP2 There are still a variety of problems, if you install SP2, installation failure to abort the installation, the steps slightly more trouble.

1. If the System Restore feature is turned on

Restart the computer, and if you can get into the system, restore the system to the state before the installation of SP2, and if not, try to press F8 into Safe mode at startup to restore. If you cannot access Safe mode, press F8 after post completes, and then select Safe Mode with Command Prompt in the menu, and then log on as an administrator and enter the%systemroot%\ at the command prompt. System32\restore\rstrui.exe "command, after carriage return according to system prompts System Restore operation can.

2. If the System Restore feature is not turned on

Start the computer by using the Windows XP CD-ROM, press R to enter the repair console (Recovery console) When you install the Welcome screen, enter the console command prompt interface when prompted for the administrator username and password, and execute the following command:

CD $NtServicePackUninstall $\spuninst

Batch Spuninst.txt


Restart the computer from the hard drive, after entering XP, run the CMD command to open a command prompt window and execute the following command:

CD%windir%\ $NtServicePackUninstall $\spuninst


Next, follow the prompts to perform the uninstall SP2 operation.

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