Win server R2 iis+php 500 error internal server error.

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One error encountered today is an IIS 500 error because the server is someone else's responsibility. Look at the log there is no exception, the task log now found that there is a time interval is not recorded. I don't know why I started. After the log is all 500 errors, in the IIS where the log was found an error "Cannot use virtual folder password as a user administrator" log in to c:cish\ locally, finally asked the next room staff, The Serverpassword is changed and the server is restarted, causing access failure

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Search on the Internet a bit, there is a blogger mentioned that he changed the password, and then once again configured talent enough, so follow this idea, began to deal with it.

1. Free access to the site in IIS7-Basic settings-test settings, sure enough ' authentication ' and ' authorization ' are displayed invalid,

then see the ' Test Settings ' button in front of another ' link as ' button, key: in the Settings button after a specific user column, type the new password again to solve the problem.

But I also found that some Web sites on the server, even if the changes have been password will not be wrong, so query the next Baidu. Some comrades say, do not set, specific users,

Instead, choose one of the following applications or something that might be possible. But because the other side off the computer offline. It is not possible to detect correctly. To make a logo here,

Welcome to copy and reprint!!!,

Win server R2 iis+php 500 error internal server error.

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