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Win10 Edge Browser How to collect Web pages to favorites and display it? Since the installation of the Win10 formal version of the system, many friends are also using other browsers, but also began to contact and use the WIN10 system with the Microsoft Edge Browser, But many friends don't know how to collect and display Web pages.

One, how to collect the webpage?

1, open Sparda browser (microsofit Edge browser)

2, and then casually open a Web page, I opened the Beijing Petrochemical Institute's official website, and then click on the asterisk above the key

3, then click Create Location, select Favorites Bar, and then click Add.

Second, how to display the collection of Web pages?

1, after the completion of the addition we will find the Beijing Petrochemical Institute This bookmark is still not shown, this is because we did not change the status of the Favorites bar, the status of the Favorites bar changed to "open" you can see

2, now open the settings, click on the top right three point that icon,

3, and then click Settings,

4, and then the display of the status of the Favorites bar changed to open.

5, and then we'll find the top right there's a bookmark at the Beijing Petrochemical Institute

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