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Microsoft Edge, a brand new browser created by Microsoft for WINDOWS10. Due to the release of the time soon, there are many features are not perfect, so many people do not use it very smoothly. Here is to introduce the next edge of the browser to use the guide.

One, the edge of the browser input method

In these days of use, small series found that some input method can not be entered in the Edge browser, and finally found that the Edge browser is pure Windows Apps (or metro applications), rather than the common EXE program. Only use the input method that supports the Windows Apps feature to enter in the Edge browser, such as the system with the Microsoft Input method, QQ pinyin and so on. So, do not say why Edge Browser does not support the XXX input method, you should say why XXX Input method does not support Windows Apps.

Second, filter the edge of the browser ads

As a modern browser, support the expansion of the function that is necessary, which is why the Chrome browser is so popular, and IE browser is frequently the reason for the black, now, Edge browser will eventually support the expansion of the function, Microsoft has promised to add Edge browser before the end of the expansion function, It can be used as early as October this year, and the extensions will be available for download at the Windows App Store.

According to the use of a few days, we found a call ADM AH-stay meow has been perfect support Edge Browser ads filter, we can download the installation of their own AH meow, and in its settings select "One-button support edge."

Third, the hint is not compatible

Because the Edge browser's kernel is no longer like IE to support the ActiveX Plug-ins, so encountered any use of the ActiveX plug-in technology site will be pop-up incompatible prompts, such as Sohu video, such as the common site will raise this hint. To close it, it's easy to enter about:flags into developer mode in the Edge browser address bar, uncheck the "Use Microsoft Compatibility List" option, as shown in the following figure:

You can also check all the entries in the "experimental" and "JavaScript" categories to take advantage of the performance of the Edge browser, which is really faster than checking it out before you check it.

Some bank websites do not know the Edge browser temporarily, the Edge browser identified as a Chrome browser to see such a hint, Microsoft to cry dizzy in the toilet.

Iv. How to add a search engine

Select "More Actions" "..." > "Settings" > "View Advanced Settings". In the list under Search in the Address bar, select New. Select the Web site, and then select Add. (generally will choose Baidu!)

Five, Cortana voice assistant

In the Edge browser, you select any text, right-click to see the "Ask Cortana" option (the premise is to open the system Cortana to use, that is, to login to the Microsoft account). In the English state with the "Ask Cortana" function search "Windows Phone" related to Wikipedia, customer ratings and comments, pictures and a series of related information will be displayed on the right, at a glance, but now I in the Chinese system can only "hehe".

Summary: In general, Edge browser in the use of both from the Web page loading speed and smooth crossing are much better than IE browser, and the current most popular Chrome browser can be said to be the same, the only difference is the application expansion function.

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