WIN10 (HDD) + Ubuntu (SSD) dual system installation for different hard drives (for machines with BIOS mode UEFI)

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Because the mechanical hard disk (HDD) on the notebook has already installed the WIN10. Although previously installed 128G SSD but afraid of WIN10 system occupied space is too large to do system migration, so some time SSD only do entertainment with ... Now because of the need for work and learning, I intend to install a Linux system on a solid state drive (SSD), and then choose Ubuntu to practice practiced hand first. Because of their lack of knowledge, of course, in the process of installation also encountered a lot of pits, but the main problem is that the beginning of the online search of the tutorial is for the traditional (Legacy) BIOS mode dual system installation (at that time there is no knowledge of the difference), the installation of the way with the UEFI The installation is much different from the preparation phase (it is more convenient to feel the installation under UEFI). So I want to record your own installation process, for reference. Of course, because of my limited ability, there are mistakes or omissions in the place please forgive me.

Hardware and software preparation

software : Ubuntu system, I use the Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS website download link.

hardware : U disk, I use the 8G. The loom is Lenovo Y430P,SSD SL700 128G m.2 2242. Both the mechanical hard drive and the SSD are in GPT mode.

Download the Ubuntu system directly and unzip to the USB flash drive, because Ubuntu installation files directly support EFI's boot installation, very convenient. Before watching the old tutorial with Ultraios burned to the USB flash drive, and burning is HDD mode. But because the machine is UEFI boot, then how can not recognize the USB flash drive, and then can only change the BIOS boot mode, identify the USB drive and then install, but in the Legacy under the boot installation system to do the switch between the system seems to be more difficult (in fact, I was not able to find Ubuntu after installation) Start the way, because I chose the/boot boot, and most of the traditional tutorials do system switching is generally to use EASYBCD this software, this in the UEFI boot Win10 is not available, so can only forget, initialize the USB flash drive to install the system in a new way. This time the installation is very smooth, Ubuntu itself also provides a system to switch the interface without the use of additional software, very convenient.


1. Partition the area of the SSD as the installation of the system, WIN10 Computer Management, Disk Management, select SSD Disk compressed volume, I divided the space of 70G, keep it in an unassigned state.

2. In order to insure the WIN10 system can be backed up, if things compare more backup time will be very long, I was prepared to move the hard drive with one afternoon plus one night, more than 700 g ... But the feeling is not that necessary, because I am the operation of the SSD, the mechanical hard disk should not have an impact. If it's on the same plate, it's hard to say.

3. Shut down, plug in the U disk, appear after the boot screen press F12 (different machine will vary), choose USB boot booting, there is a choice of interface, choose Ubuntu installation.

4. After the installation procedure is similar to the traditional installation, select the custom partition, but the partition does not require the/boot partition. My partition is the Swap space primary partition space starting position 10g,efi space logical partition space starting position 500m,/system installation location logical partition, space start position 20g,/home logical partition space start position all left to it. The last device that installs the Boot launcher chooses the area of EFI space. Detailed installation graphics tutorials and zoning suggestions online There are many, here will not repeat.

5. After the final installation is complete reboot, there will be a selection of screen to indicate the choice of different systems.

WIN10 (HDD) + Ubuntu (SSD) dual system installation for different hard drives (for machines with BIOS mode UEFI)

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