WIN10 Wireless network connection prompt cannot connect to this network

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One, Win10 can't connect to this network what's going on

For the majority of people who are unable to connect to this network problem, mainly Win10 laptop users, using a wireless network. While the WIN10 connection other wireless network is normal, but is a wireless network can not connect properly, this problem is mainly due to the router's WiFi wireless password changes have been caused.

For example, the first time a Win10 laptop enters a wifi password connected to a wireless network called WWW.JB51.NET, a late notebook can be connected directly without the need to enter a WiFi password as long as it can search for this wireless network. When the router modifies the WiFi password of the WWW.JB51.NET wireless network, and then lets Win10 connect to the wireless network, there will be no connection to this network phenomenon.

The root cause of this phenomenon is that the WIN10 system has a memory function, the first time you connect to this WiFi network, will save the WiFi password, when the wireless network password changes, WIN10 still use the old password, so there will be unable to connect to this network error.

Second, WIN10 cannot connect to this network solution

Troubleshooting the inability to connect to this network problem is also very simple, you can in the settings, find WWW.cr173 wireless network, and then choose "Forget", then reconnect the network, enter a new password, you can connect, the following is the specific method of operation.

1. First click on the "Start menu" in the lower left corner of the WIN10, then click on "Settings"

2. After opening the settings, then click on "Network and Internet" settings

3. Next click on the "Wi-Fi" setting option on the left, then find it on the right and click "Manage WiFi Settings"

4, the last drop to find this can not connect to this network WiFi, click on the WWW.cr173 network name, and then in the lower right corner of the action displayed, click on the "Forget" option

5, forget the network, then click on the lower right corner of the wireless icon, expand WiFi List, and then find WWW.cr173 wireless network, click on the connection, then will ask to re-enter the WiFi password, we fill in the change after the wireless password, and the connection can be connected successfully

Other methods

In addition to the way to forget the password, re-enter the wireless password mode, you can also find the wireless network properties, directly modify the WiFi password, after completion, click OK

There is also a way to set up a router, the operation is very simple, as long as the WiFi wireless network SSID name change, restart the router can be.

For example, the above SSID for WWW.cr173, we can in the router settings, the WiFi name change, change to other, such as "6666666", and then restart the router, then Win10 in connection with the new name of the wireless network, you can re-enter the password to connect

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WIN10 Wireless network connection prompt cannot connect to this network

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