Win10 How the UWP starts writing UWP programs

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This article tells you how to create a UWP program.

This is a series of UWP starter blogs, so it's easy to write

This article is to show you how to create a simple program

Installing VisualStudio

Before you start writing a UWP, you need to install VisualStudio, install the program from the official website, or use an offline installation made by God online.

However, VisualStudio is updated approximately one months, so it is not recommended to use an offline installation.

You can download the VisualStudio IDE from the official website before you go to bed, there are several versions, probably download the Community version. This is a free version.

Open the installation interface, the following version is Enterprise Edition, if you want to use Enterprise Edition but no secret key can find me.

Then select Universal Windows Development, and the other options are optional and can be ignored.

Note Do not go to modify the default installation, because VisualStudio must be installed on the C drive and may not work if installed on other disks.

Create an App

After the installation, probably the next day, click on the file new to see this interface

Click on the blank item to create, remember to set the software name and solution name, storage location.

Click OK to see the following interface

It is important to note that the target version is the version that is currently being compiled, but the minimum version refers to the version that needs to be supported.

If you choose a higher target version, the more interfaces The theory can use, the lower the interface you must use if the lowest version you choose is low.

So generally I would not choose a very low version, it is necessary to say that if you want to support acrylic, then you need to choose the minimum version 16299, because it is now the introduction, so we recommend the highest version.

Start process

Many small partners do not know the start-up process, in fact, in the development of the need to use a startup process.

A static picture is loaded at the start of the launch and can be displayed when the user clicks on the app. Then immediately jump to the dynamic picture, usually do an animation. This allows the user to see that the software is running and that the software does not start very slowly.

At this point in the background to read the application data, the general software at the start of the need to read the configuration, read the file method, see Win10 UWP Read and write files.

After the completion of the configuration of the reading is generally done module initialization, injection.

About the start-up process because it doesn't belong to the Getting Started blog, so I'll say on other blogs.

After the configuration has been read, the module can be initialized to jump to the main page, where the content can be displayed on the primary screen.

Show Hellow

Probably all the Getting Started blog will tell you how to write a hellow, I also here to tell you.

Open MainPage.xaml, generally use the method of double-click File

You can then see the interface

In the following code, it is estimated that you need to scroll to see, because my default setting is to open the code instead of the design, if the installation default VisualStudio shows half the design, the following half is the code, so you need to scroll the code to see the code below.

    <Grid Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">    </Grid>

I will not tell you the meaning of each control, I suggest to quickly copy and paste the code, try to run, for the meaning of the code can be seen slowly behind.

To add text Hellow, the way to add text is to use TextBlock, and I don't say much about other properties than text. These properties can be used to see many settings using the Properties window of the Control Panel, to try out the control's settings and then run to see the effect.

    <Grid Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">        <TextBlock Text="林德熙逗比" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center"></TextBlock>    </Grid>

Then press F5 to run, you can probably see the interface has text.

Try to modify the text for your own desired, and then run.

In fact, desktop development is relatively difficult to get started, because there are a lot of things to learn. If the study is deep, then the time required is relatively long. In UWP development, it is recommended that the interface use XAML to write, what is XAML, that is, the file suffix is a XAML file.

Probably need to learn C # knowledge, now has to C # 7, so the new function is need to learn.

Then you need to learn the dot net core or dot net Framework knowledge and learn just what classes are in it and how to use him.

In fact, DOT Net core has had to learn for a long time, but the development also need to learn VisualStudio and some plug-in use. I see some small partners writing code is too slow, and the ability to debug is also very poor, because he will not use VisualStudio, if learned to use, then the development speed is very much. In addition to VisualStudio need to know some common tools, see the high-efficiency tools

In addition, the software development also has the basic part, about the data structure, the basic algorithm, the design pattern all need to learn. But it is important to tell you that the data structure is to be learned from dot net to provide the data structure and not for each data structure to go to their own writing, if you write the wheel in dot net development of the great God it seems that this is the novice. Try to use dot net to provide the algorithm is a master need to do.

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Win10 How the UWP starts writing UWP programs

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