WIN10 system OneDrive Cloud Network disk can not login how to do?

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However, the recent domestic page version of OneDrive Access will be unable to connect or landing problems, the following gives one of the solutions. You can use the soft media settings master to easily back up or replace the hosts file to resolve.

The following additions are required in the Hosts file:

The specific setup process is as follows:

▲ first open the soft Rubik's Cube, in the application encyclopedia found, and open the "set master"

▲ in the soft media settings master, click "System Security"-"Hosts file Management", began to create two new information.

▲ also adds two host content, the concrete content looks at the screenshot.

▲ The above is the final effect, so the setup is complete. The author tests, the setup can be normal landing page version OneDrive, we have the need, you can set.

The use of soft magic cube (point this link directly download or click on the icon below) in the soft media settings master, you can modify the host file, to solve the web version of the OneDrive can not be landed, the perfect support for 32-bit and 64-bit Win10, Win8.1, Win8, Win7, Vista, XP, Win2003, Win2008 and other systems.

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