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When you run Sysprep.exe, some user settings cannot be captured in the. reg file and applied when the installer completes, and the depth system does not write scripts for these settings and applies them to all new users. To resolve this issue, copy the customized user settings to the "defaultuser" configuration file before you run Sysprep.exe.

To perform the steps described in this section, your system must meet the following conditions:

Windows Server 2003 is fully installed on your computer and functioning correctly.

The machine is not part of a domain.

All user programs are pre-installed and can function correctly.

Note: If the client's desktop settings are stored in the user's profile, you can use the procedures described in this section to customize any aspect of these settings. For example, you can use this procedure to configure the auto-hide taskbar option and the show small icons on the Start menu option for all users. You cannot use this procedure to customize settings that are stored outside the user profile.

Use the following procedure to deploy a custom power option setting for all new users.

Create a test user with administrator rights

Log on to the computer as a local administrator.

Click Start, right click on My Computer, and then click Manage.

Note: If ActiveDirectory is installed, the Local Users and Groups tool in the Computer Management console is disabled. If you want to perform this procedure from a domain controller computer that has activedirectory, you must create a new user account through the ActiveDirectory users and computers.

Click Local Users and Groups, right-click the user, and then click New User.

Type testuser in the User name box, type the password, click the user must change password at next logon check box, clear it, and then click Create.

Closes the New User dialog box.

In Local Users and groups, click the Group, double-click the Administrator, and then click Add.

Type TestUser, and then click OK.

Click OK to close the Administrator Properties dialog box.

Close the Computer Management console.

To create a custom setting for a test user

Log on to the computer as testuser.

Click Start, point to Control Panel, and then click Power Options.

Set settings for the monitor, hard disk, standby, and hibernate options that you want to use as the default settings for all users.

Note: You can make additional customizations as needed. These specific settings are just an example of copying a test user's profile folder to the default User profile folder, logging off the TestUser account, and then logging on again as an administrator.

Right-click Start, and then click Resource Manager to start Windows Explorer.

On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab.

In the Advanced Settings box, click the Show hidden files and folders check box to select it.

Quit Windows Explorer.

Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

Click the Advanced tab, and then in the User Profile section, click Settings.

Click the TestUser account, and then click Copy To.

Type C:/documentsandsettings/defaultuser in the Path box, or click Browse to locate the default User folder. In the Allow Use section, click Change.

Type everyone, and then click OK.

Click OK in the Copy To dialog box, and then click Yes to confirm the action.

Click OK to close the User Profile dialog box.

Right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.

Click Local Users and Groups, click the user, click the testuser account, and then delete it.

Close the Computer Management console.

Start the Sysprep process when ready.

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