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Need VPN first you want to make sure that your server has a service to start.

1.window Self-brought firewall
Windows Firewall/internet Connection Sharing (ICS) stopped

2. Remote Registry Service
Remote Registry Open

3.server Service
Server Open

4.route Routing Service
Routing and Remote Access opens

5.Workstation Service Open

After the service that should be opened is opened, the following start setting

Click Start Menu – Administrative Tools – Routing and Remote Access, open Routing and Remote Access in Administrative Tools, right-click on the local servers listed, and select Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access.

If the server is not a server with routing capabilities and is a single network card, select "Custom Configuration" in the next step

Click "Yes", start the service, start the VPN service, after the "Routing and Remote Access" interface, start configuring the VPN server, right-click on the server, select Properties, select "IP" tab in the pop-up window, and select "Static address Pool" in "IP address assignment".

Click the "Add" button to set the IP address range, this IP range is the VPN LAN internal virtual IP address range, each dial-in to the VPN server will be assigned to a range of IP, in the virtual local area network with this IP mutual access.

Now basically set up, now create win users (management-Local Users and groups-users), permissions by default.

Once created, view the user's properties and make the appropriate settings in the Dial-in tab, as shown in the figure:

Assigning IP here means that the IP of the user is not a mess. Designate him

The following is the local build VPN service client
The VPN server builds up how we use VPN, and how to connect to the VPN server in the local area to achieve the wall.
The client can be XP, Vista, or WIN7, or windows2003, and the method is the same, and we windows2003 the system to explain how to connect to the VPN server.

Select Program-Attachment-newsletter-New Connection Wizard, Start Connection Wizard, choose the second item "Connect to my workplace network", this option is used to connect VPN. Next. In the Connection Name window, fill in the connection name, and next. Fill in the public network IP address of the VPN server. Next, complete the new connection.

When you are done, you can see the newly created connection under the virtual private network in the network connection in Control Panel. Right click on the connection, select "Properties", in the pop-up window click the "Network" tab, and then select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)", click the Properties button, in the pop-up window and then click " Advanced button, as shown in the diagram, removes the check in front of the "Use default gateway on the remote network". If you do not remove this hook, the client dial-in to the VPN, will use the remote network as the default gateway, the result is that the client can only connect virtual LAN, not on the Internet.

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