Win2003 Operating system installation method for Dell Dell servers

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Server installed Windows is really troublesome, found a good article, illustrated, reprinted beginning

Note: booting and installing the server system with the Dosa CD will cause all the data on your server's hard disk to be lost, so this method is only for server installations with new servers and confirmed data backups

This installation only supports retail version of the operating system, if it is pirated discs, such as the common WINDOWS2003 3in1 version is not available (Dell strongly recommends that you use genuine software)

Before installing, make sure your Server CD drive is DVD

First, put the systems Management Tools and Documentation version6.0 CD-ROM into the server CD-ROM and set the server as the CD-ROM boot.

Note: This version of Dosa supports the corresponding system as follows:

1, Server 2003 SP2; 2, Server 2003 SP2 bit; 3, Windows 2003 SBS SP2; 4, Server 2008; 5, Windows 2008 Sbsebs x64; 6, Red hat Linux4.7 32bit; 7, Red hat Linux 4.7 64bit; 8, Red hat Linux5.2 32bit; 9, Red hat Linux 5.2 64bit; 10, Suse Linux10 SP2 64bit; 11, ESX 3.5 U4

Installation step: The operating system CD version must be consistent with the version selected for dosa installation, otherwise dosa will report inserting an invalid disc.

Supported Server types:

Dell PowerEdge M610

Dell PowerEdge M710

Dell PowerEdge R610

Dell PowerEdge R710

Dell PowerEdge T610

Dell PowerEdge T710

Dell PowerEdge R410

Dell PowerEdge T410

DOSA6.0 Download Address:

Upload/2011/5/201105261704570287.jpg "target=" _blank ">

The bootable CD will detect your server hardware, which takes about 5 minutes, please be patient.

Choose Simplified Chinese:

Accept the Agreement:

The installation screen appears, click: "Server operating system Installation"

The first step: please set the time zone to: Beijing, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Urumqi

Step Two: Select the operating system you want to install

Step three: Make sure the factory is ready to raid, select Skip RAID configuration

Fourth: The boot partition size is C disk size, please set enough according to your own requirements.

Fifth step: You can skip this setting, the network configuration can wait until the system installation is completed before the configuration (Dell reminds you to install the operating system, please unplug the network cable, the system will be patched before plugging in the network cable to prevent virus intrusion)

Sixth step: This page can not change by default and continue next.

ProductID the installation serial number for the operating system you purchased

Do not choose to join the domain, unless you please out of your network environment for the domain environment, and you know your domain environment settings, otherwise please install the system after the company's IT department setup

Seventh step: After you confirm the installation summary, the eject CD is selected, and then select Continue.

Eighth Step: Please insert the system CD, put it into your operating system CD, file copy will start, if you are prompted to copy errors or optical errors, please replace your system CD

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