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Windows2003 has been around for a long time, now for the server operating system Windows2003 networking technology, security configuration technology and many users are not very familiar with, here, I will introduce you to Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Enterprise Server version of the networking technology, security configuration technology and some of the Win2K system upgrade to the WIN2003 system after some of the new features. The Win2003 system has added a lot more security than the Win2K system, so choosing the Win2003 system as a server system will be the best choice for a network administrator.

This article assumes that you are a server administrator, your server now uses WIN2003 server system, your server needs to provide support components as follows: (ASP, ASPX, CGI, PHP, FSO, JMail, MYSQL, SMTP, POP3, FTP, 3389 Terminal Services , Remote Desktop Web Connection Management services, and so on).

First, the system installs the attention matters:

First of all, you have to install your Win2003 system first, when installing the system, choose to use the NTFS file system partition, because the partition can encrypt your server resources, permissions settings, and so on, if your file system partition is using FAT32, and you this server as a virtual host, To provide space for customers, if the customer in the space passed a Webshell, such as ASP Trojans and so on, and you use the FAT32 file system can not set access to your files, then the hacker will be able to get through this ASP Trojan Server management rights, it will be no security to speak of. For the sake of the system security, after the system is installed, you will also give your system a strong administrator password, do not use a simple password, such as 123456 such a simple login password. Because most of the hacked chickens on the internet are hacked because the system uses a null password or uses a simple password. A strong password should include numbers, English letters, symbols, such as password k3d8a^!ka76, set up a strong system login password, we can install a variety of the above mentioned Component Services support. Or the old saying, the minimum service is the greatest security, for all the services do not need to install, so as to ensure the security of your server.

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