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Recently, many users have failed to install SQL Server2008 on the WINDOWS2003 server 32-bit operating system, and a large number of errors have occurred. Today, through my repeated test installation, found a convenient installation method, save everyone valuable time, the specific methods are as follows, for your reference:

Preparatory work:

First you need to download the following software

1.Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable-Simplified Chinese

Download Address:
Download-Time selection: Windowsserver2003-kb942288-v4-x86.exe

2.Windows PowerShell 1.0

Download Address:
Download-Time selection: Windowsserver2003-kb926140-v5-x86-chs.exe

3.Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP2 Express Edition Service Pack 2

Download Address:

Download-Time selection: Sqlexpr_x86_chs.exe

(Description: This is the SQL compact version is also free version, is the SQL main program)®sql server®2008 Management Studio Express

Download Address:

Download-Time selection: Sqlmanagementstudio_x86_chs.exe

(Description: This is the SQL Connection tool, the equivalent of SQL2000 Enterprise Manager)

Description: Usually we download the complete SQL2008 installation package contains the above software, here is to install these software step-by-step, instead of using SQL2008 installation package directly installed, so need a single download these software, ready for the above four software, ready for the above four software can be installed. (Test of the Windows2003 Enterprise version of the 32-bit operating system, so download the x86 framework related software, if it is windows2003 64-bit operating system, download the corresponding 64-bit installation software should also be able to)

First, the preferred installation of Windows Installer

This is the equivalent of a system patch, installation is very simple, just double-click the installation file, click Next to finish. As below

(Reboot server required after installation is complete)

Second, install Windows PowerShell 1.0

Installation steps are also very simple, double-click to open the installation software, click Next to finish. This patch installation does not require a reboot.

Third, install the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP2 Express Edition Service Pack 2 database main program.

This installation step is more, below please see detailed graphic description

1. Double-click to open the installation software Sqlexpr_x86_chs.exe, as shown in the following illustration:

This is the SQL2008 installation Center interface, below we just follow the steps to install, click on the left "install" option as follows:

Select the first new installation SQL2008, the system begins to detect, the following figure:

Detection complete, click OK, go in and next. The following figure:

Because we are using a free version, here is not to change, here is for Professional Edition, Enterprise version, such as the purchase of the serial number of products, we directly click Next, the following figure:

Software Terms of service, tick "I Accept", click "Next", the following figure:

Installation program support files, click on the installation, the software began to install, after the installation is completed, the following figure:

Now that all of the installation support files have been detected, click "Next" to continue installing SQL Server 2008

2. After a few steps of detection through the above, the following start to continue to install SQL, here we choose to install the corresponding components, the following figure:

Feature selection, such as red box, generally as long as the check to select the instance function, if you check the sharing function, it is recommended that the following shared function directory change to a non-system disk.

After selecting, click "Next" to continue the installation, as shown below:

Select "Default instance", or you can customize the instance name to change after selecting "named instance", the instance root directory, it is recommended to modify to a non system disk, such as the C: change to D:, continue to click Next to the following figure:

For more information on disk space requirements, click Next to continue with the installation, as shown below:

Here is the account name, we select System user or Administrator account, click Next, the following figure:

Account settings, select blending mode and set the SA password, and then press SQL Server administrator to click Add Current user below.

Database-related directories are recommended to be modified to a non-system disk, such as D: Disk, after changing click Next to continue installation, as shown below:

Continue to click Next, as shown below:

After testing, click Next to continue the installation, as shown below:

Preview the installation information, click Install, and start installing the software.

At this point, SQL 2008 has been successfully installed.

But in order to manage and operate the database, we also need to install server®2008 Management Studio Express, see the following installation steps

Iv. installation of server®2008 Management Studio Express

1. Double hit open sqlmanagementstudio_x86_chs.exe installation software, into the installation interface.

Also enter the SQL installation center, still click on the new SQL Server installation,

2. Enter the inspection interface, after testing through click "Next" to continue to install

3. Installation program support file, click Install, then click "Next" to continue to install

4. Choose the installation type, as shown below:

Choose to perform a new installation, click Next to continue the installation

5. Product Key, not selectable, directly click "Next" to continue. (Figure slightly)

6. License Terms, check accept, continue to click "Next", (figure)

7. Function selection, as shown below:

Instance feature, check "Management tools-Basic." Click "Next" to continue the installation.

8. Click Next until the installation is complete.

After the installation of the above steps, SQL 2008 can be used normally under the WINDOWS2003 32-bit operating system.

We manage the database via SQL Management Studio, open methods: Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 > SQL Server Management Studio

(If the server name is empty, you can fill in or localhost)

Click on the link to enter the management interface, as shown below:

Summary: After the installation of the above several steps, basically installation success rate can reach 95%, if there will be errors during installation, it is recommended to completely uninstall the previously installed version, and manually delete the SQL installation directory, restart and then follow the above method installation. Although this method requires several discrete software installations, the installation files are small, less than 400M, and the full enterprise version of the SQL 2008 installation file is larger than 2G, and there will always be such errors in the installation of the WINDOWS2003 system. As an ordinary website application, the SQL2008 of the compact version has already been sufficient for all functions. I hope this tutorial will help you.

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