win2008 R2 Use the security settings software to cause permissions to be lost do not open disk

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win2008 R2 Use the security settings software to cause permissions to be lost do not open disk

After the security settings, all disks are found as follows

Double-click Open to prompt: Unable to access e: Access Denied

The hint is that permissions have been lost permissions, as long as the individual disk directory permissions plus on it, redo the system can only restore the system in the C disk, the other disk is still unable to open

Let's share it for everyone. Set permissions

Under normal circumstances, disk permissions need to be

System Full Permissions

Administrators all permissions

Users read and Execute, List Folder contents, Read permissions

The following is an example of the F disk

Right key > Properties > Security then add Select User

Select Advanced

Find Now (all user groups and users can be found inside)

Add adminstrators user Group in turn

System User Group

Permissions are set to the following methods, allowing you to select all

Then continue to add the no point of application, or the subsequent settings need to reset the permissions (speed is related to how much your file.) )

Three choose a good one, you can click Application, slowly wait, the more files the slower.

It's done here, you can open it normally if you have questions you can leave a message.

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