Win64 python installation PIL error resolution 2.7 (version 3.6 available)

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1. Software version

首先我先安装了 python 2.7 pip是  8.1.2 2、当我要安装PIL时, I typed it under cmd: Pip install PILThe error prompt is: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement PIL (from versions: ) No matching distribution found for PIL 3、错误原因Later find a lot of methods, found that my computer is 64-bit, and the official website only provides 32, is to go to the official website to download the other PiL, 也是32位的。 4、解决方法:找一个非官方的64位大家通用的PIL安装 (1)打开网址 search pil (ctrl+f), find the image below, if your Python is version 2.7 download cp27, 3.5 download Cp35

(3) also install the wheel first. Select the appropriate version after the download, open cmd (win+r), you have to install the PIP, specific PIP installation Baidu how to install,

After entering PIP install wheel

(4) Wheel after installation, find our download good pillow-3.3.0-cp27-cp27m-win_amd64 (this is my version) because I put it on the desktop, so I open cmd, find the desktop that holds the file, and then Pip The installation is successful.

Switch to Desktop in cmd

5, after the success, you can use the

Win64 python installation PIL error resolution 2.7 (version 3.6 available)

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