Win7 + mariadb free installation version, win7mariadb installation version

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Win7 + mariadb free installation version, win7mariadb installation version

1. Download from the official website;

2. decompress the package to D:/mariadb;

3. Create a New my. ini file under the D:/mariadb directory. The content is as follows:

Basedir = D: \ mariadb
Datadir = D: \ mariadb \ data
Character_set_server = utf8
# Maximum number of connections allowed
Max_connections = 200
# The default storage engine used to create a new table
# Default-storage-engine = INNODB Error
# Default-storage-engine = MYISAM
Port = 3306

Federated # solve [Note] Plugin 'federated 'is disabled.
Port = 3306
Default_character_set = utf8
# Character_set_client = utf8 Error
Server = D: \ mariadb \ bin \ mysqld.exe

The encoding format is ANSI! Otherwise, an error occurs:... 2003... the content is not noticed.

4. Run the command line as an administrator. Switch to D:/mariadb.

Run: mysqld install MySQL -- defaults-file = D:/mariadb/my. ini

Run: net start mysql

Note: At this step, there should be no errors. If it fails. Go to the D:/mariadb/data DIRECTORY And have a file named your host name. err. It is generally obvious. Google.

5. Enter mysql and enter mariadb. If there is no mysql database, launch the database and execute mysqladmin-u root-p password mima. Next, enter the password directly (the default password is blank ). Log on to mysql-u root-p and enter the mima password you set;

6. Now show databases; the mysql database is available. Run the following command: update user set password = password ('mim') where user = 'root'; flush privileges; then change.

7. Now, mariadb has come to an end.

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