Win7 32-bit system there is no sound Reload sound card driver failure how to do

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 The specific steps are as follows:

1. First open the Win7 system you installed the disk into the windows-system32-driverstore-filerepository, and then find the inside Wdmaudio.inf_x86_neutral_ Aed2a4456700dfde folder;

2. Then right click on the folder to select "Admin get Ownership";

3. Then enter the (WDMAUDIO.INF_X86_NEUTRAL_AED2A4456700DFDE) folder to delete all the contents;

4. Then to download the Windows7 sound card driver repair compression package and decompression, will be all copied inside the file to Wdmaudio.inf ... Folder inside;

5. Then reinstall the sound card driver (note to find the driver of your model), and then restart the computer, which will solve the problem.

6. Restart the computer, the problem is solved.

Normally: If some newly listed hardware peripherals do not automatically install the driver, you can go to the official website of the device to download the appropriate driver for manual installation.

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