WIN7 64 system Connection LAN printer hint unable to connect

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method One,

If it is hp1010 laser printer, the installation of 64vista drive can also solve the problem oh.

  Method Two,

You can use 1015 instead of the HPLJ1010 driver, the following steps:

1, turn on the "Start-printer-Add Printer", and then choose to connect to the local (automatic detection do not tick), select the port DOT4, in the left side of the manufacturers select HP, right select 1015;

2, (if not 1015 words on the point below the WindowsUpdate will have, and then click the Next button;

3, this installation is complete, then open the printer's Properties configuration window, click on the "Port" page, in the configuration interface, add a new port, select the local interface (LocalPort) to modify the interface name: Host IP or network name printer share name.

4, after the completion of the new port can be selected, and then continue to click on the confirmation, so you can use.

  Methods Three,

1, can go to the Internet to download a 64-bit printer driver, and then add a printer, note here to choose to add a local printer;

2, the installation of the official website of the driver, here pay attention not to detect printers, installation is completed after the same open Printer Properties Configuration window, click the "Port" page, add a new port, select the local interface (LocalPort) to change the interface name to: host IP or network name printer share name, Just like the above, always confirm.

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