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Security certificates are often used when browsing special websites, and can only be accessed after the browser has installed the corresponding certificate. such as online booking site 12306, when we did not install the certificate when the visit, IE9 will prompt us to display only the security content.

Installing a certificate can make browsing more secure and, of course, indirectly increase our level of hassle (this is a good way to learn more about the browser's relationship to the certificate). Sometimes there may be a certificate error situation, you need to delete the other people in the browser under the label of the certificate, and then reinstall the certificate. If a certificate cannot be deleted in Windows 7 IE8, you can refer to the following workaround.

Normally, we can delete a certificate in the following way:

Open Internet options, switch to the Content tab page, click the Certificate button to open Certificate Manager, switch to other people, select the certificate you want to delete, and then click the Delete button.

But we can see the "delete" button in the diagram is gray, so how can we delete this certificate? The steps are as follows:

1, click the Start button, enter MMC, press ENTER enter key to open the console.

2, click File and click Add/Remove Snap-in in the Drop-down menu.

3, on the left to find and select the "certificate", click the Add button.

4, the general situation, select the default "my user account", click Finish.

5, the certificate has been added to the right "selected Snap-in" list, click OK.

6, back to the console, expand the left "certificate-current users" node. You can see a variety of related certificate type nodes.

7, expand the "other people"-"certificate" node, the right side can see the certificate to be deleted, select the right-"delete."

8, close the console, do not need to save the console, reopen IE browser, and then look at the Other tab under the card, just that the certificate has disappeared.

OK, that's it. If you encounter another delete, follow the steps to do it. When you select an account in step 4, be aware of it.

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