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I have used Win7 for a long time, before Linux has always been on the mobile hard drive, now feel that this is a bit troublesome and slow speed, so I feel Ann on a hard drive better! It should have been a year ago. Redhat 9.0 with Win7, resulting in black screen grub bugs, At that time also because of impatience, and then reload back to Win7, the problem has not been solved! I have a big goal this time is to ' rediscover ' the black screen and then get rid of it!

OK now open like:

First of all: I want to back up the data on the hard disk, and the mobile hard disk has only one partition, take this opportunity to clean up. But the data inside is full! So the next big problem is partitioning without compromising data. Use software Winpmà resize/move related operations, here is not too cumbersome! But we must be careful when the operation, I lost 100G of things, but the most important 10G in, haha!

After doing this, you may be prompted with the following error message when you reboot (I am also one of the lucky ones)

Your disks were modified by Paragon Partition

Insert itsboot diskette and preess any key

This error is due to a problem with the partition software, so that the system does not boot properly! This problem can be solved in this way! First with WinPE into the system, and in the WinPE generally with the partition software, my is Diskgenius, with its "Rebuild Master Boot Record (MBR)." Then reboot, and if not, the following message appears:

The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible

This time you can use the win7 system disk to "repair the computer", which will automatically repair the relevant MBR information! If you do not have a Win7 system disk, you can download a Win7 mirror and write it to a USB disk or a mirrored disc in UltraISO.

Next, start to install Win7, or use just made system disk, in the partition, give Win7 partition will not repeat, at this time there are a variety of methods: 1, some of the remaining unallocated space (easy to install Linux), 2, must allocate extended partitions. Show me.

Second: Install Linux

My choice of distribution is fedora14. As a result of the optical drive is a problem, so still use U disk installation. First, carve out the FEDORA14 boot disk. This time reboot installation, starting from the U disk, the system will be stuck in a screen, hint:

Press the key to begin the installation process.

The solution to this problem is: Download a fedora13 ISO image, the isolinux under the VESAMENU.C32 extracted, cover u disk under the Syslinux vesamenu.c32. and then reboot ... Normal installation ...

Because I am in the Win7 division of the time dedicated to some space, so in the choice of when to install to where, I choose to use the remaining space, so will not and other conflicts, there are many in the way, interested can try!

Then the installation succeeds.

To my surprise is, after a good unexpectedly did not appear black screen, and two guidance are normal, and less a chance to exercise grub, I will not blindly toss, have the opportunity to try on the virtual machine!

Finally: Configure

After all is installed, the system default system is FEDORA14. Then find into the FEDORA14, with the VI edit/boot/grub/grub.conf the following figure

You can see that there are two title, which is corresponding to Fedora 14 and Win7 (other)

Where default means the selected system, such as 1, which indicates other->win7, or fedora if the value is 0. You can set the default operating system by modifying this value. This is Win7 I did not find a way to set up, but it should be done through some software.

This way down, the dual system configuration is complete, haha!

Note: 1, WINPM, the speed is too slow, and the last inexplicable I/O error, resulting in my data loss. Before the computer for others to use a very good software, but can not find, looking for a long time did not find, and will only be able to do it!

2, after using USB disk installed Linux, will be mirrored into the U disk, you should also put the original ISO image into the U disk, because the method of using U disk is equivalent to hard drive installation. But the package folder in the U disk is too large and useless, so you can delete it. Such a 4G u disk should be almost!

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