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It's not unusual to have two or more computers in your home, but after installing the latest Microsoft Windows 7, the old machine's XP system wants to access windows 7, so how do you get the new Windows 7 system into your home LAN as soon as possible? How can you easily share resources in a more secure environment such as home LANs?

Many friends in the installation system is accustomed to use their own commonly used names, resulting in several computers in the home are using the same computer name, and to connect to a local area network, you need to specify different names for different calculations.

You can set the computer name directly by right-clicking the computer, selecting Properties, clicking Advanced System Settings, and then clicking the computer Name/Change button.

After you set up different computer names, you set up the computers in the same workgroup, setting the method similar to setting the computer name, selecting the following workgroup in the open window and specifying the workgroup name.

Specify an IP address and open the master Guest account

To connect to each other, you also specify the network segment IP and the same network itch (such as, for each system's local connection, right-click the local connection and select Properties, change IP and default gateway under TCP/IP.

Right-click My Computer, select Admin/local user and group/users. Then, on the right side double-click Guest, in the pop-up dialog box to deselect the account has stopped initializes, then select the account has stopped initializes, and then select the password never expires, and finally click OK close to open the Guest account.

Shared Settings for Windows 7

Want to be in the home LAN without obstacles to share, to post network and Sharing Center in a Windows 7 system, select the network type as the home in the viewing activity network, and then click Change Advanced Sharing on the left side of the network and shared center, select a home or work network, and configure the shared settings within the home LAN. The specific options are set as follows:

1, enable network discovery.

2. Enable file sharing and printing

3. Turn off password-protected sharing (this will avoid entering a password when exchanging visits).

4. Allow the family group to connect

For folders that need to be fully shared to XP under Windows 7, you can right-click the folder and select shared/specific users, enter everyone or guest in the input box, and then click the Add button after adding to the list to change the user's permissions to read/write.

Shared Settings for XP

Configure a network share under XP you can double-click the Online Neighborhood icon and click on the settings on the left to set up your home or small office network in the Open window. Open the Network Setup Wizard and follow the prompts to set it up. When you share a folder, you can right-click to select Properties/security to set access rights

Settings for firewall software

If this setting does not enable mutual visits, check the settings for the system firewall. Open the Control Panel/windows firewall settings, and check the network discovery, file, and printer shares. If you use other firewall software, such as Nod ESS, you can open the Advanced settings, click on the Personal Firewall/rules and the Settings button in the zone, the protection mode to allow sharing, so that Windows 7 system can be accessible with the XP system.

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