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How does a hidden folder appear? I believe many novice friends will ask this question, such as we can generally see the C Disk System disk system files are hidden, then how to view the files have been hidden or have their own folder to hide, to see, how to hide the file to show it? Below the green Resource network for you to see how to view the computer hidden folder method, below we introduce under Windows XP system and Windows 7 system under How to view the computer hidden folder.

How does a hidden folder appear under Windows XP system?

The more common methods we use are: My Computer--→ tool--→ Folder Options--→ view, "show the contents of the System Folder" before the check, "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" Before the check out, "Hidden files and Folders" Item select "Show All Files and folders" as shown below:

As shown above, we need to display the hidden folders. Just select Show all hidden files and folders, and if you also want to display hidden system files, you can also remove the selected state before the "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)", when the computer prompts a warning note, The direct point is that the hidden system files can also be displayed, and then click on the bottom of the image above the "OK" Save settings, then you browse the computer files will find the folder hidden files can be seen.

Note: It is recommended that you do not put the hidden system files are not displayed, in the event of careless removal of the system files may cause damage to the computer system. If you want to not show hidden files, restore the above settings.

How does a hidden folder appear under Windows 7 systems?

First go to My Computer--control Panel--Folder options are as follows:

Entering the folder option is actually the same as the operation on the Windows XP system above, the following is a brief introduction: Folder Options-View-hidden files and folders---will not show hidden files, folders or drives modified to-Show hidden files, folders or drives, OK.

As shown above, will show hidden files folder or drive selected, then the point is OK, such as to show hidden system files, the above hidden protected operating system files (recommended) before the hook removed, to determine the save.

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