Win7 blue screen code 0x000007b how to solve

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computer monitor suddenly blue screen, blue screen code for 0x000007b, this How to solve it?

Solution for blue screen code 0x000007b:

1, restart the computer, to appear after the boot screen press shortcut key F1, F2 or del key to enter the BIOS boot entry settings interface, through the keyboard on the left and right arrow keys to move the cursor to the "Advanced", and then press up and down the key to select "SATA Configuration", press ENTER confirmation, As shown in the following illustration:

2, then will pop up a mode selection window, where we through the arrow keys move the cursor select "AHCI" mode, and then press ENTER to execute, as shown in the following figure:

After you have completed both of these steps, simply press F10 to save the changed settings. When the computer restarts into the system loading screen again, we will find that the system no longer displays the blue screen error code 0x000007b. Most of the problems with this blue screen are caused by the fact that the hard drive mode in the BIOS setup is not in line with the current system. WINDOWS10 Tutorial

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