Win7 boot card in the Boot ThinkPad logo screen how to do

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Win7 boot card in the Boot ThinkPad logo screen how to do

Method One,

Press F1 to enter the BIOS, press F9 key in BIOS, yes to enter, then press F10 key to save, press Yes, then reboot, this step is to restore BIOS production settings, to solve some of the Bois settings caused by the Kashi failure.

Method Two,

If you are unable to access the system at the logo interface, the system files may be corrupted, and it is recommended that you reload the system or use a key restore function.

Methods Three,

Check the laptop USB interface, whether there is damage to the contact short circuit problem, there are a number of cases is due to the USB port after the failure of the contact pin after bending short circuit caused, just shut down the machine after the needle to straighten it out or to replace the USB port.

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