Win7 Broadband connection can not find Netcfg.hlp what to do?

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method One:

More than 90% of this problem occurs because the network cable is connected to a problem, so first check the network cable Connection, if there are ADSL cat and router, first turn off the power, all the links to pull out, carefully check whether the crystal Head is dirty, or whether the metal contact is lost and so on, after testing, plug well, and then boot try, Or you can use other good computer connection to try to verify that the computer internal problem, or the computer external network problem, if it is a network of problems, please contact the network operators, to solve.

Method Two:

The second reason is that the network card is disabled, its performance problem is "error 769", the solution is to Device Manager, to find the network card, enable it!

Method Three:

The third reason is the network card driver damage, you can go to the "Device Manager" to see if the network card with yellow warning signs, if there is, that is the network card driver is damaged, you must renew the network card driver.

Method Four:

Fix Winsock and TCP/IP by using the command prompt repair method. "Start-" run-"type netsh winsock reset-" Press ENTER (enter) and restart the computer after the command prompt window flashes.

Method Five:

If you do not want to install this Netcfg.hlp file, you can find the Netcfg.hlp file in the I386 directory of the installation CD, and then copy it to your computer's C disk windowshelp directory and restart your computer.

You can also go to the other computer's windowshelp directory, copy the Netcfg.hlp file to your computer, C-disk Windowshelp directory, and then restart it.

Method VI:

The sixth approach is to remove the "broadband connection" and then re-establish a new "broadband connection" so that most of the problem can be solved.

Method VII:

It is possible that the network card is loose or dirty, plug out the NIC, with the eraser carefully clean up the gold finger on the socket, and then plug back, to determine firmly inserted, can be turned on to try.

Note: This implementation for some people is more difficult, especially women, because to open the chassis, it is difficult to operate, so, then please people repair.

Method VIII:

If the above methods have been tried, and do not find any problems, to determine the normal, it can only reload the system, which is not the way, but also the last option.

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