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When you use Windows7 to surf the Internet, when you open a Web page, ie or download software automatically downloaded some inexplicable things? This is something malicious content is automatically downloaded to the local via the system's own IE browser or download software, and these malicious content is likely to run automatically to jeopardize your local system security Oh.

In this case, we always try to prohibit it to automatically download it, only a few simple steps, we can prevent the content from the Web page automatically downloaded to the local hard drive.

First click on "Start" → "Run", in the dialog box input "Gpedit.msc" Enter, the corresponding system is the Group Policy editing interface.

Select Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-"Windows Components"-"Internet Explorer"-"security features"-"Restrict file downloads"

Double-click Internet Explorer process, select the Enabled option in the pop-up dialog box, and then determine the application

OK, through the above settings, we do not have to worry about IE automatically download the content of the Web page!

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