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In general, only if the network is not normal or unstable will cause the Web page to appear not normal, incomplete, and the solution of this situation is only normal network, but recently, many users using Win7 flagship system found that their network is normal, but the Web page is still not normal, Full display, then there is such a problem, how to do. Here, let's introduce the details!

1. First of all, we open our own Win7 flagship computer in the browser window that we often use, such as the small part of the use of IE browser, I opened the IE browser window, after that, we click the window above the tool-internet option.

2. In the subsequent Internet Options window, we first click the Delete button in the browsing history under the General tab, so that we can delete the temporary files and the cookie file.

3. Then we click on the Settings button in the browsing history, enter the settings you can see that there is a "use of disk space" To resize, this is the location of temporary files, if the space is too small, it will lead to our web page is not complete, we can try to change the space of this position a bit larger.

4. In addition, we can also click on the image shown in the view of the file button, and then open the temporary file folder, we will not need to delete all the files, so that we will release some space for temporary files.

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