Win7 computer suddenly blue screen how to solve?

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Win7 the solution to a computer's sudden blue screen.

The steps are as follows:

1, restart the computer. If the blue screen is only occasionally appear blue screen, we just restart the computer is OK;

A bug that Windows XP itself carries. Its performance is: In the shutdown process, intermittent blue screen phenomenon, we can download the patch solution to solve this problem!

2, infection virus. Malicious program damage caused the computer often blue screen; now many trojans, viruses will give themselves a higher level of authority, and these Trojans, virus authors do not care about the user's computer security, this will lead to the computer blue screen problem, now computer blue screen is basically due to malicious programs.

3, hard disk problems will often lead to computer blue screen, for example, the hard drive appears bad, the computer read data errors caused by the blue screen phenomenon, because the hard disk and memory, carrying some data access operations, if the access/reading system files in the area of the bad, will also cause the system can not operate normally, resulting in system crashes, Cause a computer blue screen.

4, the computer internal hardware is too high temperature is also a computer blue screen phenomenon more common reason, this situation most appear in the hot summer, the majority of the CPU temperature is too high, sometimes the computer appears blue screen after we open the chassis, if the feeling of high temperature, it is likely to be too high temperature caused, The temperature is too high mainly to CPU and graphics cards, hard disk and so do important reference.

5, the memory piece failure. Most of the memory is oxidized, there is an eraser under the gold fingers to change the basic memory slot can be ruled out, there is the incompatible memory, general reinstallation system can be resolved! Bulk memory quality is uneven, shoddy products due to the quality of the failure to easily cause blue frequency fault!

6, power problems. Because the inferior power supply voltage is unstable, it is very possible to cause a series of problems, for example, no reason to panic, such as blue screen phenomenon, the power problem caused by the voltage is mainly because of instability, the boot time too long in the graphics card and other devices to form a number of pulse resistors, in the shutdown computer will find errors, so caused by blue screen!

7, too little disk space or too much junk files also seriously affect the operation of the computer! We should form good habits to regularly clean disk garbage!

8, dust problem. Regular cleaning of the chassis garbage can effectively prevent the crash and the occurrence of blue screen!

9, the software conflict caused the shutdown blue screen. Verify that all running programs are turned off before shutting down, and if the shutdown blue screen appears repeatedly, check the compatibility of the recently installed software or reinstall the system, System Restore or remove the most recent installation software try!

Driven. If you have just installed a new driver for a particular hardware, or install a software, and it added the corresponding items in the system services (such as: Anti-Virus software, new players, CPU cooling software, firewall software, etc.), in the restart or use of a blue screen failure, please go to safe mode to uninstall or disable them.

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