Win7 computer USB interface can not be used how to do

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1, when the settings inserted into the computer USB interface, if the device does not work or use the situation, it is recommended to replace the USB interface, or directly into the computer chassis behind the USB interface to try to solve the problem.

2, check whether the USB device is disabled: Right click on the computer, from the pop-up right-click menu to choose "Management" entry.

3. In the Open Computer Management interface, expand Device Manager, locate the disabled USB port, and right-click to select the enabled item.

4, we can also use the "trend to USB management software" to control the computer USB interface. Press "ALT+F2" to wake up the program main interface, check "restore USB storage devices, mobile phones and Bluetooth devices such as the normal use of" item.

5, next clear check the relevant items: such as clear check "Disable wireless network card", "Disabled portable WiFi" and so on. As shown in the figure:

6, at the same time the device and computer USB connection, in the "Device Manager" to find the driver is not properly installed devices, right-click to select the "Update Driver" item, the implementation of the driver update installation operation can be.

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