Win7 Desktop icon can not be deleted how to do

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desktop shortcuts cannot be removed by common processing methods:

1, smash the shortcut

A third-party tool needs to be installed.

2, through the registry to delete it

This method is very troublesome, and it is difficult to find the icon you want to delete, so do not recommend use, this is probably the next. Run enter "regedit" to open the registry, registry location:


Each of these things represents a desktop shortcut, you can put the contents of the first export, and then delete one after another, know to delete to their desired, and then import the backup, you want to delete the delete on the line.

3. Delete it in Safe mode

Used to delete a desktop file, to indicate that it is running unable to delete or that the file is occupied (Power-on press F8, jump out of Safe mode startup option).

4. Use WinRAR to delete

Select the icon you want to delete, then right-click to select compression to ... pop-up compression window, check the compression after the deletion of the source file, waiting for the compression is finished, this time the selected icon was deleted, we then delete the compressed package can be. Computer knowledge

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