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Sometimes we open a document to edit, and then open a page to browse, if you need to compare the content of the Web page and document content, the two windows on the desktop tile can be very good to observe. In Windows 7, we can easily and quickly divide and distribute tiles with multiple windows, with the mouse or the keyboard.

Method One: Drag the mouse to open a Word document window, place the mouse in the upper margin of the window, drag it to the left of the desktop screen, it will automatically occupy half of the desktop screen, the same mouse will be placed in the upper space of the Open page window, drag it to the right side of the desktop screen, it will automatically occupy half the screen, Two windows are easy to occupy the left and right of the screen.

Method Two: Keyboard operation actually can also use keyboard to realize, open a Word document window, then press the "WIN key + LEFT arrow", and then open a page window, and then press the "win+ right Arrow", two windows also "split" occupy the entire screen. It is very convenient to compare queries.

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