Win7 (+eclipse) +tomcat7 (+) +JDK7 (64) Development environment configuration

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Win7 (+) + Eclipse (+ tomcat7) + JDK7 (64) Development environment configuration

has been developed to use MyEclipse, this time to try Eclipse, and development tools all use the latest version, configuration, there are a variety of problems, finally summed up a standard step, and share with you.

First, to the official website to download the file, all Select for window 64-bit the latest version

Second, installation configuration

1, install jdk-7u17-windows-x64, version: Jdk7 for Windows 64-bit, configure the environment variable Java_home, the value is the JDK installation directory, and add%java_home%/bin to the path;

2, Decompression apache-tomcat-7.0.39-windows-x64, version: TOMCAT7 for Windows 64-bit, configure the environment variable tomcat_home, the value of the Tomcat installation directory, and will%tomcat_home%/ The bin is added to the system variable path;

Note: The JDK and JRE are installed under the same path, eliminating the need to configure the JRE environment variable.

3. Decompression eclipse-jee-juno-sr2-win32-x86_64, Version: Eclipse for Windows 64-bit

Iii. problems that may arise

1, Tomcat start startup.bat a flash past

With Notepad, add pause at the end to save the rerun. Adjust according to the error message.

2. Tomcat startup error message: Tomcat Can ' t load AMD 64-bit. dll on a IA 32 ...

(1) Check JDK version

In cmd input: java-version

See if the third line contains "64" and if not, your java_home's address points to a 32-bit JDK, download a 64 JDK installation, and modify Java_home.

(2) Check Tomcat version

Check to see if the architecture item contains 64, if not included, that indicates your calaline_home's address points to 32-bit tomcat, download a 64 tomcat installation, modify Calaline_home.

3. Eclipse deployment launches Tomcat access to kitten homepage


4. Eclipse cannot parse import httpservletrequest solution One

On the created project, right-click Properties,->java build path, add external libraries, locate Tomcat_home/lib/servlet-api.jar,

5. Eclipse launches Tomcat access to Project home page, 404 error

Path problem, possible error:

(1) The project name and root directory name are inconsistent, right-click on the established project->properties->web Project->setting-context Root

This is the project root path

(2) index.jsp misplaced position, should be in the same level directory with Web-inf

(3) Check whether the Webconfig.xml is correctly configured project homepage




6, the project can run normally, but the project file cannot be found under Tomcat's WebApps, and is not properly deployed to Tomcat

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Win7 (+eclipse) +tomcat7 (+) +JDK7 (64) Development environment configuration

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