Win7 enable AHCI boost hard drive performance what is the hard drive AHCI mode?

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In today's computer system, the performance of the hard drive has become the biggest bottleneck affecting the performance of the machine. In the WINDOWS7 system with high requirements for accessories, the hard disk naturally becomes the object that needs to be optimized, and by turning on the AHCI mode of the hard drive, it can improve the performance of the hard disk to some extent. Well, look at the win7 of the little weave.

In the normal case, the hard drive defaults to the native IDE mode in the BIOS for the best compatibility. If you install Windows7 in this mode, and then change the hard drive to AHCI mode in the BIOS, you will not be able to enter the system and need to reinstall the system. Is there a way to turn on the hard drive AHCI mode without reloading the system?

  What is the hard drive AHCI mode?

AHCI is an acronym for Serial ATA Advanced Master Interface, an Intel-led technology that allows storage drivers to enable advanced Sata features such as native command queues (NCQ) and hot-swappable. With AHCI enabled, the potential performance of SATA drives can be played, which can theoretically increase the disk read/write speed by 30%.

First: After clicking on the Boot menu, select the "Run" column in the menu. Type "regedit" in the entry box in the Run column and enter the Registry Editor.

Second: After opening Registry Editor, enter the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCURRENTCONTROLSETSERVICESMSAHCI" key value. Double-click the item named "Start" in the right window to pop up a dialog box that changes the default parameter from 3 to 0. Click OK and then restart the computer after you save it.

Change the "Start" default parameter

Third: After restarting the computer, enter the BIOS, in the "Integrated Peripherals" page, change "SATA raid/ahci Mode" to "AHCI" (different BIOS option names will vary).

Change "SATA raid/ahci Mode" to "AHCI"

Save the reboot and the system will automatically install the AHCI driver after entering the system. After installation, the system will require restart again, after reboot, the hard drive AHCI mode is open.

HDD score increased to 6.5 and performance increased by about 20%

Write at the end: After the hard drive has changed to AHCI mode, the system startup speed has changed little. However, in a large file copy, the speed from the original 60mb/s to the 71mb/s, performance improvement of about 20%. The hard drive in the WINDWOS7 system score, also from the beginning of 5.9 points to 6.5 points. This shows that Win7 open AHCI, the effect is good.

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