WIN7 failed local connection does not have a valid IP configuration

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In small series when the network can not connect, the small part of the use of WIN7 's own diagnostic tools, the network for a diagnosis, found that the win diagnostic repair Tool prompts "Local connection does not have a valid IP configuration", as shown in the figure:

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In such cases, the first time the small series of wireless router for a comprehensive check, found not because the wireless router configuration does not strive to cause, but it is possible for everyone because of this, to see if your settings are correct, and check whether the router turned off the DHCP function, The small weave is because this problem causes the local connection to have no valid IP configuration problem, so let's take a look at the solution here.

In fact, the solution to this problem, small set in front already and everyone said, is the local connection inside the IP settings, settings can automatically get IP settings, rather than setting specific IP segment, so we can solve this problem, small series and we do too much of the answer, You only need to set the last step of IP and choose to get IP settings automatically.

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