Win7 failed to create a video preview check how the device connection is resolved

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1, check the method, put the mouse on the desktop "My Computer", click the right mouse button select "Management" and then find "services and Applications" and then find "service" can be as follows:

2, as above, click on the "service" on the right side of the display of various types of computer services, and then in these services to find "Windows Image acquisition (WIA)" Service, double-click the left mouse button, pop-up attribute information, the following figure:

3, as above, the Windows image Acquisition (WIA) service is generally open by default, if it is not turned on, it should be set to the automatic default on as shown above, if the problem is not resolved, then the following settings is the key.

If the above steps check that the problem is not found, then it is time to go to the most critical, camera-related components of the repair, many times you may have installed such as a video card driver, or the installation of a software led to a camera failure, prompted the failure to create a video preview, then use the following repair methods can generally be resolved.

⒈ Click the "Start" menu-"Run"-"Enter CMD" in the Run and click OK to open the command prompt.

⒉: In the cmd command prompt input regsvr32 Quartz.dll, presses the return key to confirm, after the system will prompt "Quartz.dll DllRegisterServer to be successful", temporarily does not close the CMD command window, continues the 3rd step;

4, then in the cmd command prompt input regsvr32 Proppage.dll, presses the return key to confirm, after the system will prompt "The Proppage.dll DllRegisterServer to be successful", still does not close the CMD command window, continues the fourth step;

5, the same again in the cmd command box input regsvr32 directSpy.dll Press ENTER to confirm, after the system prompts "DirectSpy.dll DllRegisterServer success", after the cmd operation is over, We can close the cmd command window;

Hint: If the system prompts "LoadLibrary (" Proppage.dll ") failed-cannot find the specified module", Proppage.dll file is missing or non-existent, please baidu search "Proppage.dll download", will download to the " Proppage.dll the file into the C:windowssystem32 directory and perform the third step again.

Fourth step: is still in the cmd input "regsvr32 directSpy.dll" (without quotes), press the ENTER key, System prompts "DirectSpy.dll in the DllRegisterServer success", and finally close the cmd window;

6, check whether to turn on the hardware acceleration, if turned on to see hardware acceleration, may occupy the camera program, so you need to turn off hardware acceleration by clicking the right mouse button in a blank space on the desktop--select Properties--to switch to the Settings tab when the Display Properties window pops up--click on the top right "--click on the" Troubleshooter "tab-" to the Zola Slider, the middle of the "hardware Acceleration (H)" adjusted to "None"-"Click OK exit;"

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