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Everyone in the use of the computer often mistakenly delete the program or file, delete the file we will habitually empty the Recycle Bin, but this will cause we can not retrieve the file by the Recycle Bin mistakenly deleted. In fact, for the Win7 system, we can also choose to restore through its protection settings to a restore point, but this method is the premise of the user set up a restore point, for no restore point, or restore point not mistakenly deleted files, users, how to restore the win7 Recycle Bin deleted files?

Top-tier data recovery software is one of the top recovery studios that supports hard drives, u disk, mobile hard disk, SD card, memory card, camera card, mobile card and other equipment data recovery software, software built-in excellent system compatibility, perfect compatible with all Windows systems: XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8, etc., and retain the ability to be compatible with future new systems. For the files deleted from the Win7 Recycle Bin, the top data recovery software can be effectively restored to ensure the integrity of the restored data.

Before addressing file recovery issues, we first need to make sure that the following actions do not occur:

1. Do not write new data to the storage device again. This includes not copying, pasting, and transferring files.

2. Do not check and clean disk files, and do not defragment operations to prevent damage to the data on the hard drive.

3. It is prohibited to format the storage devices, otherwise it will likely affect the data traces in the Recycle Bin.

After the file deletion problem, we should immediately restore the file to avoid loss of data was two times destroyed.

First, users need to install top data recovery software on their computers. Note: You cannot install software on partitions that require data recovery (files in the Recycle Bin are stored in C disk)

The first step: Run the top data recovery software, select the "Empty Recycle Bin" function button.

The second step: the software automatically scans the files in the Recycle Bin, and the user is waiting for the scan to finish.

Step three: Select the file you want to recover, and then click Next.

Note that when a file is lost, the name of the file is automatically changed by the system. If you do not scan the file you want, use universal recovery mode to scan again.

Step Fourth: Select a disk to store the files that need to be recovered, and then click Next.

Note: If the file you are missing is in which partition, restore the data to another partition to avoid data overwrite.

Fifth step: Wait for a moment before resuming completion.

As we all know, the registry is a very important part of the computer, for the Recycle Bin deleted files, we can also modify the registry to retrieve the deleted files, but here we need to remind you that many of the Internet to modify the registry operation method is wrong, the user once tried, may cause computer failure, Therefore, before you choose the Registration form method, we must consider clearly, do not because of a momentary impulse to cause their own losses.

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