Win7 How a request timeout occurs when a computer ping DNS is resolved

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1, in the use of the "ping" command of the DNS server to determine the smooth situation, when the "Request Timeout" phenomenon, we first need to troubleshoot the line to ensure that routers, moden and hubs, switches, network cards are connected to the interface of reliable, and the network cable intact.

2, in ensuring that the hardware wiring and equipment connection is correct, we take the following methods to troubleshoot one by one: first into the Msdos interface, execute the command "Ping" to determine the computer and the router (Gateway) connectivity, when no time-out occurs, This indicates that the line connection is correct.

3. When one of the DNS fails to access through the Ping command, we can try to change other DNS. For specific information about DNS addresses, you can consult local telecom operators and obtain them. The valid DNS is then entered into the IP protocol and is preferred as DNS.

4, of course, we can also use public DNS, such as telecommunications, such as or to try to connect.

5, another important cause of the DNS request timeout failure is the loss of packets caused by the carrier server overload. For this kind of situation, we need to avoid the Internet peak time, waiting for the Internet trough time for BT and other download operations.

6, in addition, the computer can not normal ping DNS A major reason for the system, the proposed system for the overall anti-virus treatment, or an important installation of the operating system, which for improving access to DNS has an important role. or using network optimization and other related programs to optimize the network is also a more effective method.

7, we can also take advantage of the 360 security guards in the "Liu-volume firewall" to improve the security of the LAN. We need to open the "ARP protection", "automatic binding Gateway", "IP conflict interception" and "external ARP attack interception" entries.

8, when unable to determine the DNS ping or network when the instability, we can borrow 360 security guards provided by the "Broken Network first aid box" to the entire network for diagnosis, so as to find out the problem of the Internet.

9, finally by clicking the "Repair immediately" button to complete the repair operation of the network, so as to ensure the normal smooth network.

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