Win7 How do I create a System Restore?

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Win7 System Restore creation method, in the Windows system, the introduction of the System Restore this feature, when mistakenly deleted files or programs damaged, through the System Restore function, can be restored to a certain period of normal state, without reinstalling the system, or to create a system repair disc, You can use the System Recovery CD to quickly restore when a system file is missing and cannot be started or repaired. In this article, we'll take a look at the functional applications of System Restore and system repair discs.

To create the system repair disc

Access to this program requires us to complete the following path: "Start-All Programs-maintenance-Create system repair disc", to complete this function, friends need to prepare a erasable or empty DVD burning disk, and then a support to burn the function of the CD-ROM. When you're done with your preparations, click the Create disc to complete. So if the next time you meet the problem of not entering the system, as long as the CD in advance to plug in the computer.

▲ Open System repair Disc program

▲ Create a system repair disc

A lot of friends asked, that also can not always use the CD-ROM to start the system Ah, the time is not to reload the system? I understand why we do not like the reload system, because the registry changes, the original installed a lot of programs are not normal operation, very troublesome. In fact, the recovery system does not need to reinstall all the programs, only part of the software program has been damaged, then I will give friends introduce Win7 second tool.

Win7 System Restore

When it comes to System Restore, we generally feel that this function is very chicken, in fact, in fact, Win7 System Restore than the previous several systems have a great improvement, whether from the stability, restore the integrity of the program has a great upgrade, in addition, Win7 System Restore can clearly tell you which programs have been damaged, Which programs need to be reinstalled. Then the user only need to restore the program through the restore point has been created, it can be applied normally.

▲ Create a System Restore point

Right click on the computer, select the properties, in the pop-up dialog box select "System Protection" will pop up on the right side of the System Properties window, where we can do the creation of System Restore point. If you have created a System restore point, you can use this as a bridge to scan the system program for the following actions:

1. Select System Restore

▲ Select System Restore

2. Select a restore point that has been created and click "Scan affected Program" below to proceed to the next step.

3. In the scanning-affected program, the computer can list "deleted programs and drivers" and "programs and drivers that can be restored", which is a reminder that the restored program may not be fully available and might require two installations. Wait for the scan to complete. The user understands both the programs that are changed in the restore point and then, as required, the next step for System Restore.

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