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1, how to clean Win7 automatically switch wallpaper feature of the Custom folder--

After a moment of groping, I finally found the way to delete these custom folders, which is to modify the registry.

Run regedit to open the registry-

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Navigate to Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorerwallpapers, delete all the content under it, press F5 to refresh, and then open the Personalization window, The Custom wallpaper location here will all be gone.

2, how to "long-term stability" of the Management Custom folder:

It is recommended that users who use Windows 7 wallpapers automatically switch to open the "C:windowswebwallpaper" folder, and you will find that all of the wallpapers in Windows except "China" are here.

We can also add our own wallpaper to here: Right-click the blank, select "New-Folder" (Here unexpectedly only this option, but also to run as an administrator, let us not help but admire Windows7 's permission really very cow x!), up a favorite name, Then drag the wallpaper you want to use in this folder, and then open the personalized-desktop wallpaper, and all the pictures we added just now show up under the category of folder names, as well as the ability to change wallpaper. Appear "aesthetic fatigue" do not like to look, to find this folder again, the picture with the deletion and add, also will not appear above the problem.

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