Win7 How to install Protel DXP 2004

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First, download

1, the first step of course is to download the software installation package and its SP2 patches, respectively, are ISO and RAR format.

2, and then of course, there is something to crack it.

3, after the download is completed can be opened to install ~ ~.

Open. iso file, and the contents of the inside copy out, if not open the words can be installed a good pressure and so on compression software.

Do not change the filename if you can ... Thank you in the next ~).

4, after decompression in the Setup folder to find Setup.exe, double-click Open to start installation ~.

appear as shown in the image interface, Poke next~.

5, then, of course, choose accept and then next~.

6, this step casually fill, of course, I do not mind you and I fill the same haha ... The selection below is the first, anyone~ and then the familiar next ...

7, again to choose the installation path time ~ See the mood casually choose slightly ... next~.

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