Win7 How to install? Recommend 3 ways to install Win7

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Recently many friends asked Win7 how to install the problem, the author recommends 3 kinds of Windows7 installation methods, including CD-ROM installation method, U disk installation method and hard disk installation method. Small set here simply say Win7 installation of those attention things.

WIN7 installation of the premise, you have to buy a Win7 system CD, the purchase of a variety of methods, the simplest is on the Beijing-east, Amazon, Cat and other Microsoft Authorized online Mall purchase. If your notebook already has a Win7 pre-installed version, just flip it over in the notebook and record the Win7 activation code on the line.

Win7 Installation Method First: CD-ROM installation method

CD-ROM installation method is the most original method, as long as there is an optical drive, in the BIOS set up the CD-ROM drive to boot, can be installed according to the system step by step installation.

Although the CD-ROM installation method is very reliable, but if the CD can not read or encounter a computer without optical drive, this method is not.

Win7 installation method of the second: U disk installation method

U disk installation Win7 method is currently the most mainstream Win7 installation method, is currently the highest success rate (99.99% of the Computer Support U disk boot).

The installation method is simple, convert the Win7 CD file to Win7 virtual mirror, or simply copy the files from the Win7 disc directly to the U disk. Finally, according to the tutorial step-by-Step installation Win7 on the line.

Win7 installation method of the third: hard disk installation method

The hard drive installation Win7 method is not available if the current Windows system is still functioning, if it does not work. Hard disk installation method also has a prerequisite, is to copy the files on the Win7 CD to the hard disk.

As long as you want to install Win7, the above method can absolutely 100% help you complete the Win7 installation purpose!

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