Win7 How to merge disk partitions

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First, right-click on the desktop and choose Manage, then open the Computer Management window and click Storage-Disk Management on the left menu bar of the window, as shown in the picture:

Step two, now on the left to see all the disk partitions on the computer, because the computer has been partitioned, all if you need to repartition the partition must be a number of useless disks to the first compressed a blank partition, such as D disk and 50G useless, you can compress it into an unpartitioned disk. Right-click the D disk, then select "Compressed Volume", and then in the "Input compressed space" above the input compression size, if it is 10G is 10*1024MB=10240MB. Then click "Compress" to complete the operation. As shown in the figure:

Step three now will display a 10GB of free space on the disk list, if you need to merge the 10G compression volume to other disks, such as C disk. Right-click c to select "Extended Volume" to execute the Extended Volume wizard window, select the disk with 10GB of free space, and then click "Next". As shown in the figure:

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Step four, this will complete the operation of the extended volume, now the 10G disk is loaded into the C disk. As shown in the figure:

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