Win7 How to modify TrustedInstaller permission file

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method One:

1, simple and quick, remember the steps on any Win7 computer is the same operation.

2. Right-click the file-attribute that you want to modify.

3, switch to the "Security" tab, click the "Advanced" button.

4, switch to the Owner tab.

In general, the default owner is TrustedInstaller (no effect), and click the Edit button.

5, the pop-up window to select the current computer login username, click OK. Windows7 Tutorial

6, if pop-up as the diagram prompts the window, direct point determine.

7, the back of the window are clicked OK.

8, again right click on the file, properties, security, edit.

9, select the current user name, check "Allow" under the full Control, and then click OK.

10, if this window appears, click OK.

11, click OK to close the front open several windows, then you can modify or delete this file/folder.

Method Two:

1, once and for all, solve the problem quickly.

2, open Notepad, copy and paste the following code:

======================== Split Line ========================

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@= "Get TrustedInstaller Permissions"


@= "cmd.exe/c takeown/f"%1 "&& icacls"%1 "/grant administrators:f"

"Isolatedcommand" = "cmd.exe/c takeown/f"%1 "&& icacls"%1 "/grant administrators:f"


@= "Get TrustedInstaller Permissions"

"Noworkingdirectory" = ""


@= "cmd.exe/c takeown/f"%1 "/r/d y && icacls"%1 "/grant administrators:f/T"

"Isolatedcommand" = "cmd.exe/c takeown/f"%1 "/r/d y && icacls"%1 "/grant administrators:f/T"

======================== Split Line ========================

3. Save the file as a file with the extension reg (Note that all files (*.*) are selected in the Save type, otherwise it will be saved as TXT file).

4, double-click the saved file.

5, if the User Account Control window is clicked.

6, this window click Yes.

7, finished. Right-click on any file or folder, the menu will have the "Get TrustedInstaller permission" Item, click this, if the User Account Control window is clicked, and then a black window (if you want to deal with fewer files, the black box will flash over, or even invisible), After the black window is automatically closed, you are free to delete and modify files/folders.

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